Worx GT

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The WORX GT is the perfect tool to polish your yard after you mow. Add that perfectly edged look to your lawn or garden with the integrated Edger wheel. The lightweight WORX 18-volt battery-powered string trimmer weighs less than a gallon of milk and is the only trimmer on the market which converts from a standard grass trimmer to a true walk-behind edger - 2 tools in 1.

And forget the hassle of pull starters - the WORX GT starts with the single push of a button. Forget the aggravation of untangling extension cords - the 18-volt battery-powered WORX GT can trim up to a 1/2 acre yard on a single charge. It goes anywhere you need to. And unlike some competitive cordless models, the WORX GT comes with a 1-hour quick charger so you don't have to wait for hours for the battery to re-charge...you're back to work in minutes not hours.

The unique trimming head of WORX GT pivots up to 90-degrees to reach under decks, under play equipment, under trees and bushes or on slopes and hills.No more bumping to feed line. The auto-feed line system of the WORX GT feeds out line with a simple squeeze and release of the trigger. The fold-away spacer guard also helps to protect flowers, tree trunks, outdoor lighting and other delicate objects from damage by the trimmer line.

The WORX GT adjusts in length and handle positions to ensure a more comfortable ergonomic fit and less strain on backs and arms. And unlike long, bulky trimmers, the WORX GT collapses for easy storage in a closet or garage.

Package includes:

  • WORX GT 18-volt cordless string trimmer
  • 18-volt battery pack and 1-hour fast charger
  • Pre-loaded spool with 16 ft of trimmer line
  • Complete tri-lingual operator's manual
  • Demo DVD for quick assembly and clear operation

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Date Added: 07/04/2012
I bought the worx gt trimmer and it worked pretty much exactly as advertised. However I found the spools to be a rip off and are too small but nonetheless the worx gt works so well it even exceeded my expectations. I was looking for a cordless trimmer since I didn't want to be dragging a chord around my lawn. I can easily trim around my fence, pool, hard to reach areas and corners. It might not be as powerful as a gas trimmer but it does the trick and good enough for me. I find the worx trimmer very lightweight and comfortable to use so my shoulders aren't sore when i'm finished trimming. I don't have a huge property so for me it was an ideal purchase and I can get all my trimming done in about 15 minutes. Yes you do have to deal with batteries and not as much power as a gas trimmer but the worx gt trimmer is chordless, light, you're saving money on not buying gas and it's better for the environment. It has a great design as it works as a edger and a weed eater. I get a lot of dandelio...Read Full Review
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars [3 of 5 Stars]


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