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Robo Stir
Robo Stir Reviewed!
I am a disabled man who has limited use of his hands and thought that this could be the `extra hand` I often need in the kitchen. The price was right as I picked it up at XS-Cargo for only 6.90 including taxes. Not unlike most TV Products the Robo-Stir works within reason. When it comes to the pesky sticking of cream soups such as Mushroom or Tomato it is a wonderful accessory to have. Not once ha...Read More!
Date Added: 05/13/2013 by journeyman

Hot Buns
Hot Buns Reviewed!
Do not buy this product! They don't work on long (mid-back length) hair. The snaps are plastic, and don't hold for long. We paid $20 for 2 sets, and were billed $31.80 (non-refundable) for shipping. Customer service was not helpful. This offer is a totally unethical ripoff. This company should go out of business for its shady marketing and inferior product....Read More!
Date Added: 04/11/2013 by Karen W

Flex Belt Canada
Flex Belt Canada Reviewed!
I've used the flex belt for a week and have already increased the pressure on it. I use it for 20 minute sessions everyday and every time I use it I feel like I just had a great ab workout. I was a little scared about using it at first because I thought it would be painful but it actually feels pretty good. I'm not very overweight but probably about 25% body fat and looking to get my six pack to s...Read More!
Date Added: 04/08/2013 by Norm G.

Smart Mop
Smart Mop Reviewed!
If you're going to buy the Smart Mop don't buy it in any stores because you'll get a better deal ordering it online. Our home is over 2000 square feet and the smart mop works great on all our floor surfaces whether I'm trying to clean tile or our press wood flooring. I wish it came with the replacement mop heads but it does come with shammy cloths that work amazing for dusting. I'm happy with the ...Read More!
Date Added: 04/02/2013 by Carlie S.

Micro Touch Max
Micro Touch Max Reviewed!
MicroTouch Max is one product that all men should have part of their arsenal in their medicine cabinet or bathroom. I was looking for a new hair trimmer and since I saw the TV ad for Micro Touch Max I knew I wanted to give it a test drive and see if it lived up to all the hype. I've gone through numerous Micro Touch Max reviews that were posted on the internet and it only gave me mixed opinions wh...Read More!
Date Added: 03/19/2013 by John

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